About us

Drone.lk, which is our official Web site, specializes in Aerial Cinematography for films and TV projects using RC Drones managed by qualified and skilled personnel. Based in Wattala which is close to the city of Colombo towards the North, this company is a fully owned Sri Lankan Company which is equipped with multi-platform aerial media.

Our highly qualified and professional staff coupled with their experience will satisfy the customer and subject interests and safety from the very start to the end of their assignment.

Guided by the strict aviation guide lines, we can provide the services to customers with any high quality Drone cameras to suit their special or specific needs.

"To preserve our cherished memories in the most memorable way through Drone technology and be content with all possible views and make our customers happy and contented, so that we will be the leading supplier of Drone Technology."

"Our Mission is to make this technology (Drone technology) popular so that the cost will be cut down and more real life pictures from the roof tops will be available. Drone Technology will enable our eyes to fly from any spot to any other spot. A picture saves a thousand words and to make people aware that Drones produce pictures which are impossible with a hand held camera. The greater demand will also bring down the costs and more real life pictures from the roof tops will be available. So, join us and Drone all your imagination."

Nuwara Eliya